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Spring 2022

CSOR 4231 (Columbia) – Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2021

IEOR 4575 (Columbia) – Policy for Privacy Technologies

Spring 2021

IEOR 8100 (Columbia) – Foundations of Data Privacy

Fall 2020

ISYE 8813 (Georgia Tech) – Mathematics of Operations Research

Fall 2019

ISYE/CS 8803 (Georgia Tech) – Foundations of Data Privacy

ISYE 8813 (Georgia Tech) – Mathematics of Operations Research

Fall 2018

ISYE 4301 (Georgia Tech) – Supply Chain Economics

Fall 2017

ISYE/CS 8803 (Georgia Tech) – Foundations of Data Privacy


I’m fortunate to advise many talented students:

  1. Saeyoung Rho, Ph.D. CS (co-advised with Vishal Misra)
  2. Abdellah Aznag, Ph.D. OR (co-advised with Adam Elmachtoub)
  3. Tingting Ou, Ph.D. OR (co-advised with Marco Avella Medina)
  4. Kevin Yeo, Ph.D. CS (co-advised with Tal Malkin and Josh Alman)
  5. Roy Rinberg, M.S. CS (co-advised with Steve Bellovin)
  6. Rania Alshafie, M.S. OR
  7. Eitan Turok, B.S. Applied Math


  1. Wanrong Zhang (Ph.D. Statistics 2021, co-advised with Yajun Mei) Now a Postdoc at Harvard
  2. Zixing Wang (Ph.D. OR 2020, co-advised with Chip White) Now a Research Scientist at Amazon
  3. Yuliia Lut (Ph.D. OR 2022) Now a Research Scientist at LinkedIn
  4. Jinyan Liu Visiting Ph.D. student from University of Hong Kong (advised by Zhiyi Huang) Now an Assistant Professor at Beijing Institute of Technology
  5. Mary Anne Smart, Visiting Ph.D. student from UCSD (advised by Kristen Vaccaro)
  6. Priyanka Nanayakkara, Visiting Ph.D. student from Northwestern (advised by Jessica Hullman)
  7. Elizabeth Krizay (M.S. Stats 2019) Now a Cyber Risk Data Analyst at Expanse
  8. Bengusu Ozcan (M.A. Quantitative Methods 2022) Now a Technical Analyst at Fathom Radiant
  9. Jane Wenqi Wang (M.S. Financial Eng. 2022) Now a Ph.D. student at MIT
  10. Yatharth Dubey (B.S. ISyE/CS 2018) Now a Postdoc at CMU
  11. Varun Gupta (B.S. CS 2019) Now a Ph.D. student at UPenn
  12. Dhamma Kimpara (B.S. Math 2019)  Now a Ph.D. student at CU Boulder
  13. Chris Waites (B.S. CS 2019) Now an M.S. student at Stanford
  14. Ankit Siva, (B.S. CS 2020) Now a Software Engineer at Amazon

Privacy Reading Group

I ran a Privacy Reading Group at Georgia Tech.  Past participants include:

(Ph.D.) Digvijay Boob, David Durfee, Yatharth Dubey, Bhuvesh Kumar, Kevin Lai, Yuliia Lut, Uthaipon (Tao) Tantipongpipat, Adrian Rivera Cardoso, Wanrong Zhang

(M.S.) Benson Christalin, Elizabeth Krizay, Kyle Zimmerman

(B.S.) Varun Gupta, Dhamma Kimpara, Ankit Siva, Chris Waites

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